The Ultimate Protection For Your Broadheads.

Designed from the ground up by archers for archers.

Headcase Solves Your Broadhead Storage Issue!

The Ultimate Headcase is a revolutionary product specifically designed for broadhead storage. 

  • ‘Active Grip’ technology protects and secures broadheads
  • A robust, quality product
  • Lid converts to a handy tray
  • Free shipping all over
  • Increased safety, as sharp edges are not exposed
  • Broadheads are easily identified through the transparent lid
  • Silicon rubber doesn’t blunt sharp edges like foam

Now 10% off, $95.00 $85.00

Money Back Guarantee: if you are not really satisfied with the product, you will get a full refund within 1 months.

What people are saying.

The Ultimate Headcase is exactly that-The ultimate case for storing your broadheads.

Road testing the prototype I found It light yet tough, and is perfect for carrying multiple types of broadheads. It will be coming to NZ for backcountry Tahr and chamois hunts from now on. It allows me to travel safely and have ample spare, sharp broadheads stored safely back at basecamp.

J Fulton

We are pretty excited about the Ultimate Headcase becoming available.

We’ve been watching the R&D process closely and can really see the value in the design of this case. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Brandon and Zoe

I have road tested the Ultimate Headcase prototype and am impressed with its functionality. The active grip inserts really protect my broadheads, giving me confidence in the field knowing my broadheads are super sharp and ready to get the job done.

Using the top as a tray when I was maintaining my broadheads in the field was an unexpected bonus, back at camp I was changing damaged blades and the tray kept everything together meaning I wasn’t losing tiny parts in the dirt and grass.


North Coast Firearms

Now 10% off, $95.00 $85.00

Money Back Guarantee: if you are not really satisfied with the product, you will get a full refund within 1 months.

The team behind Headcase.

It began with a passion for archery, the outdoors, and family…

Ben has been active in the bowhunting community in New South Wales, Australia for many years. His love of the sport and a inquisitive nature led him to explore a better way to manage his broadheads — not just in the field but back at home base as well.

Due to many years of unsatisfactory broadhead storage options, resulting in unnecessary damage and under performing equipment we decided to create our own solution. We found our broadheads were being damaged by our equipment, abrasive foam storage solutions were dulling our broadheads and using original broadhead packaging was too bulky. 

And so it began, the first of many prototypes, conversations with fellow bowhunters and refinements. Once Ben had progressed his ideas as far as they could go he approached a leading industrial design consultancy to improve aspects of the products functionality and performance.

A key development was the design of the Active Grip Insert (a non abrasive silicon rubber insert) which holds most 2, 3 & 4 blade broadheads. To compliment the Active Grip insert, we created a durable and compact container capable of safely storing and transporting 18 of your favourite broadheads.

As an added bonus, we designed the lid so that it converts into a useful tray, allowing us to easily maintain our broadheads at camp.

The Ultimate Headcase being the most advance broadhead storage system the bowhunting market has ever seen. A winning combination of hi-tech materials and production processes with tried and tested hands-on experience in the field.

The Ultimate Headcase is the future of broadhead storage and Ben encourages you to test it for yourself.

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